Retreat Planner

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Greenview Bible Camp Retreat Application

Sponsoring Church/Organization ______________________ Type of Group ______________

Contact Person __________ __________________ Email ______________________________

Address ______________________________________________________________________

City _____________________ State _____ Zip __________ Phone ______________________

Arrival- Date _________________ Day _________________ Time ________________

Departure - Date ______________ Day _________________ Time ________________

Cost Estimator

Food and Lodging Package Deals Estimated # Estimated of people Cost

One night, two days, two meals – $43.00 per person ______ ________

Two nights, three days, five meals – $58.00 per person

Day Guests, meals included - $18.00 per person per day ______ ________

Total Estimated Food and Lodging Cost ________

Activity Fees

All activity fees are per group, per hour

Archery (seasonal) $30.00 x ___ hrs. = ______

Canoeing (seasonal) $30.00 x ___ hrs. = ______

Go Karts (seasonal) $30.00 x ___ hrs. = ______

Horseback Riding (seasonal) $30.00 x ___ hrs. = ______

Wagon/Hay Rides (seasonal) $30.00 x ___ hrs. = ______

Sensenig Activity Center Gym Up to two 2 hour sessions per day included in our package deals. Additional hours $20 per hour = ______

Total Est. Activity Cost* _______

Total Estimated Cost _______

These fees normally apply to groups of 15 – 72 in the winter, 15 – 96 spring, summer and fall. Fees for larger groups may be adjusted. If you do not fit into one of the package deals we can customize a quote for you.

Greenview’s constitution and bylaws list the following as our basic doctrinal statement: “We accept the Lord Jesus Christ as our God and Savior. We believe in the plenary inspiration of the Old and New Testament and hold them to be the very word of God. We believe that salvation can be found only in a personal acceptance of the Lord Jesus Christ.” Do you and your sponsoring church or organization agree with these statements? _____

Signed ______________________________ For _____________________________

Click Here to Download The Retreat Planner Form